Monday, February 8, 2010

What's my line? Level 2 certified.

I like this:
Parents of Mississippi public school students now can go online to see whether their children's instructors are licensed in the subject area they teach. The website shows the type of degree an educator has attained, the subject or subjects the person is certified to teach, when the license will expire and whether or not the license is valid.

I'm sure that some people will be upset, but I think this kind of thing is a good way to allow parents to choose the teachers their kids have. Of course, all those Master's Degrees will go up in number, attained with fluff courses and bullshit credits, but at least things are more out in the open.

Maybe the days of an English major in the math classroom are over. I don't know about the Coach in the social studies room, though.


  1. They have something like this in CA. You just need to go to the CA Department of Education, type in the name and boom there it is. Your credential information. The degree part is probably a few years away. But here we need to take that stupid CSET test in the subject we teach, so that would count as a degree I guess.

  2. Georgia has it too.

    You need the first and last name. Problems: when we only know someone's nickname not first name or when a woman has married and we know the married name but that is not the way the certification is written.

    My joy this week? Finding out the person hired to help high school math teachers do a better job at our school HAS NO MATH AND NO HIGH SCHOOL ON HER CERTIFICATION. She has middle school English and social studies. WTF?