Monday, July 12, 2010

Fundamentalism is the problem.

Afshan Azad, "Padma"
Rape and murder.

Ted Bundy did it because he could. Islamic fundamentalists do it because she's not wearing a proper Hijab. Another woman is to be stoned to death for adultery (she was acquitted once but the judge decided that she was guilty anyway) while another was killed in Somalia.. In India, it's an honor killing if the husband feels ashamed - so she gets doused with gasoline and set afire. In Britain, she can be in the cast of Harry Potter making millions(right), but be attacked by her brother and father. In South America, machismo fuels similar atrocities. In New York, a teenager is killed for dating a boy and the whole family helps trap her. A Buffalo man killed his wife for demanding a divorce. The IRA set off bomb after bomb, killing thousands of people until the Good Friday Accords. Churches burned because skin color mattered.Countries were slaughtered because they were different. 

Is an insane crime any less of a crime if it is "justified" by a religion, by male pride, by insanity, by racism, by political orientation?

No. The crimes are the same. Those who justify it include themselves as co-defendants. It's time for all of the world's religions, all political parties, all the races and both sexes to agree.
26 Year Old Woman Raped and Murdered by Basij Members for “Bad Hijab”
July 11, 2010

Elnaz Babazadeh, a 26 year old woman was raped and murdered by Basij forces in the city of Tabriz (northwestern Iran) last week. According to the reports, Basij forces stopped Babazadeh in her car for not following the Iranian regime’s dress code. Elnaz resisted the forces and ignored orders given by the Basij forces. Then the Basij forces who had initially stopped her jumped into her car and threatened her with a gun. Two other Basij members joined in and all together they beat and raped her. They murdered Babazadeh and dumped her body close to Emamiyeh cemetery.

After local investigation was conducted by HRANA members in Tabriz, it was confirmed at Babazadeh’s funeral that the person who killed her was the son of a high-ranking Revolutionary Guards member. The intentions of the savage Basij members was to put a stop to the “improper” way women in society dressed. Basij members believe this is their duty to God. Elnaz Babazadeh’s family filed a complaint against the murder of their daughter to regime officials, but the IRGC is attempting to take over the case.
Mogadishu — An unnamed woman was stoned to death at Eel-boon in Wajid district, 330 kilometres southwest of Mogadishu, on Wednesday. She was sentenced by an Islamic court after she was found guilty of adultery. The woman was taken to a square, her body half buried and then stoned. A crowd was present as well as officials of al-Shabaab, an Islamist movement that opposes the Transitional Federal Government and controls a large territory in Southern and Central Somalia.

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