Monday, January 18, 2010

Conversations with a counselor

I had a short conversation with the counselor (the psychiatrist one, not the college one) about two students who had been in my classes before and were scheduled to be in my class for the new semester. Both had failed things before and neither was any more capable of being in class, working, being a student. (with editing for anonymity) I was told, "[stuff happened] and [current problems], I'm not worried about classes. I just hope I can keep the kid alive. And the second kid is a bigger mess. I don't know if [he] will make it."

Both were a PITA, but neither deserves this. Bleah.

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  1. When you hear what some of these kids endure, it is amazing that they ever come to school. You get jaded over time (I know I do), but I try to a pinch understanding when I hear about rape, incest, getting kicked out of their home, father in prison, mother in prison, mother in prison for killing father, etc. And that is just this year.