Monday, January 21, 2019

Do This and the Bunny Dies

By request Ms Cangialosi:

Because someone's beagles do this all the time ...

Fresh from today's test:

Nominated by @MathsPadJame,

Seriously? Nix The Tricks, Dammit!

I'm trying to hold it together, people ...

We've both had enough of that fraction mistake.

That's not even reasonable ....

One for the younger ones ...

Can't remember where I saw this first. (edit: Finally found out the original ones with the handwritten math came from Bowman Dickson, @bowmanimal)

I cleaned up the original images a bit and tried to keep it sensible, but between the kids' and my evil senses of humor ... this project has grown out of control.

We might as well just enjoy it.

Save the Rabbit!

Finally found out these original ones with the handwritten math came from Bowman Dickson, @bowmanimal. You can blame him for starting all this. ;-)

 Poor Kitten ... this happens all the time.

Such a shame how often that poor puppy gets it ...

Damn you, TI !

Because we all know a Fawn ...

Pandas are endangered, people. Cut that out!

Poor, poor Grumpy Cat.

Don't make him cry, people!

You heartless bastards.

I have nothing left to say.

Do You REALLY want him to win?

There's more!

Look at how sad he is ...

Don't you want friends ....

Poor bastard ...

SO very disappointed ...

It's just mean for you to do this ...

This just makes me sad ...


  1. Conclusion: DON'T DO ME... MATH!

  2. I cannot tell you how thoroughly I enjoyed this post. It made me laugh so hard. THANK YOU!

  3. Thank you! Just wish I had these a little sooner but I'm definitely using one of these in class tomorrow!

  4. i would just like to point out that the grumpy cat one is poor math, but the correct answer

  5. is the cube root of 27 not equivalent to 27^1/3?

  6. The order of operations would have you do (27^1)/3 = 27/3 = 9. If you want the cube root, you must enter 27^(1/3).

  7. It would be much appreciated if you could remove the poor language from this website as I really like using it with my classes. Thanks