Saturday, February 13, 2010

And you thought teenagers' excuses were bad, part 2

from NYTimes, via SlashDot:
Helene Hegemann's first book ... what's interesting now is that she has been caught plagiarizing many passages in the book. Amazingly, she has not denied it, but instead claims there is nothing wrong with it. She claims that she is part of a new generation that has grown up with mixing and sampling in all media, including music and art, and this is legitimate in modern culture. 
Bullshit. "Sampling?" Please.


  1. Ha, Ha, "Sampling". Love it!

    When my youngest son was a junior in high school, his English teacher came to me with a stricken look on her face. It seems the majority of his class had plagarized huge portions of their research paper by "sampling" other people's work on the internet.

    She had warned them beforehand that she would give a zero to anyone caught engaging in this activity.

    She was now faced with the prospect of following through with this in a pre-ap class where the parents can be very pushy. I guess she approached me first since my son was one of the guilty ones. I think she was trying to get my reaction before the you know what hit the fan.

    I simply said give him the zero and don't back down no matter how much they cry, whine and beg. Stick to your guns. She did, and her life was very unpleasant for weeks. She had so many angry parents to deal with and every single one of them gave the same type of lame excuses you describe in this post. Luckily she had the full support of the administration.

  2. This is what education & our country is doing to people. Sadly, this is just the beginning.