Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

PeggyU asked what I was going to do on my snow day ... Go for a walk!

Pictures below the jump:

Back Deck bird feeder. The snow hasn't started drifting yet.

Heading up the driveway. The oil delivery was just here so we had tracks to follow. It's about a foot so far, but the weather channel has us getting another 12inches - two snow days in a row? Can we be so lucky?

Trees are pretty but the snow is heavy. There'll be some limbs and trees down tonight. If it rains and then freezes, we'll lose a lot of branches and trees. Just like the ice storm of 98.

A whole bunch of these guys hanging out in this treetop:

Looking down the road.  So peaceful in the snow.

Neighbors' out building.

Old, old, old oak.  Showing the signs of the pileated woodpecker that lives near the house.

Dinner there somewhere.

The Mrs.

These solar powered lights aren't turning on any time soon.  Real pretty last night but I think the battery is depleted.  We'll see later.

That's it !

For the bird lovers, here's our friend in better weather. He was damned if he was going to move (that log was crawling with tasty morsels, I guess), so I got my camera and took his picture.

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  1. I love the view down the road. It does look peaceful. One of the things I like about heavy snow and ice is the weather forces you to slow down and just chill out ... and make chili and bake cookies, of course.

    We got no snow this year, and I kind of missed it! Can't complain about the gas bill, though :)