Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stupid, just Stupid.

Business Insider has a Chart-of-the-Day that I subscribe to.  It's usually bland and stupid, some line chart or pie chart, but occasionally the editors commit some total bonehead move and choose the wrong type of graph or mess up somehow. Equally rarely, they produce a wonderful one, with some really cool data.  I use it to let my students see that their choices and mistakes are not uncommon but that you risk looking silly if you misuse Excel.

The page has links to other business-related stuff, which is why I brought it up.  Here is an amazing picture-story combination.  Any thoughts?


  1. I thought that throwing tomatoes was a time honored form of political protest.

  2. Yeah, throwing tomatoes is political protest but this is the Tomatina. Look at the picture ... they're wearing swimming skullcaps, It's a big festival and this is totally unrelated to political protest in any way. It's a big party, feast and all-around hootenanny.

    Wikipedia Tomatina for some incredibly bad grammar and a couple really good pictures.

  3. But yeah, the articles don't come anywhere close to matching the picture.