Friday, October 8, 2010


It's always interesting to hear debates.  I came across this gem the other day (augmented from the transcript):
We are creating a world that no one will want to live in. Do you know what these students will do when they get control of the world? They'll say, "We we recorded all the time by government schools and so government not only can but should record the audio and video of everyone to protect us all." And when the technology is developed to detect what individuals are thinking, the government will mandate thought monitoring, too, because all words and actions begin with thoughts. Can we really afford not to know what people are thinking?
Over-reacting with a strawman? Or a reasonable argument?

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  1. Sadly I already have this debate with people who are actually allowed to vote: "Why should you care if the government taps the phones if you have nothing to hide?" or why kidnapping a US citizen (Jose Padilla) and taking him outside of US judicial control is a flagrant violation of a serious chunk of the Bill of Rights. The "Give me safety at any cost" crowd is frightening to anyone who enjoys freedom and liberty.