Sunday, November 1, 2009

Habits of Highly Ineffective Principals - committee

Form committees for everything.

Include new teachers fresh out of Silly School (Teacher College) to counter any experience on the committee. When choosing from the experienced teachers, choose two who disagree with each other so they will cancel each other out.

Always Chair the committee and stay out of the discussion, ostensibly so that you can "take the measure of the school," or something.

Nod whenever the Newbie speaks so the Newbie's ideas will sound intelligent. This will encourage him to speak and make him dependent on you.

When you take the minutes, use your word-smithing skills to change the tone of the meeting to reflect what you wanted the meeting to decide. Adjourn the meeting after the Silliest idea comes up, saying, "That's good. Let's all think on this and we'll re-convene next month." Do not allow decisions to be made unless the committee compromises on the silly idea.

Always meet after school so that the cynical and experienced teachers have something else to do and can't make it. Who will make it? The Newbie who wants to prove herself and is eager to agree with you and be non-confrontational. Who can't make it? The older teachers who have kids and a life (and teaching experience and after-school tutoring commitments). That's too bad, here are the minutes.


  1. Obviously my principal has read the handbook on ineffective principals.

    You've left off:
    1) never meet with the teachers except for the hours of 8 - 10 - unless you are in a bad mood.
    2) never talk with them outside your office
    3) ridicule anything they say in faculty meetings
    4) have no as your first response
    5) take so long to make decisions that opportunities (even free ones) shrivel and die
    6) when a teach breaks "the rules" chew out the entire faculty in an email that makes no sense

    I look forward to new posts!

  2. Ummmm. I had three more scheduled to appear but I shall have to "borrow" this list!

    The next few are:
    Speak in Tongues