Sunday, December 20, 2009

Simple Pleasures

From Rateyourstudents comes the Smestyer-End Simple Pleasures
  • The realization by a colleague that the two students I had such an awful time with last semester are indeed A#1 assholes
  • An email from an earnest C student saying that despite his low grade, he really enjoyed the class, feels that he learned a lot, and is recommending the class to everyone.
  • A holiday dessert in the departmental office that actually tastes good
  • Knowing that the colleague who finished grading all three classes by the last day of class and thus got to start his vacation one week early is now miserably stuck in a snow storm
  • Thank-you notes from 2 of the 17 students for whom I wrote letters of recommendation
  • Empty boxes by the department’s trash can that are the perfect size for mailing holiday gifts
  • No paper cuts
Feel free to add your own ....

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