Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Euphemism in the News

I had to laugh when I saw this idea on Joanne Jacobs. The newspaper's choice of words is a real hoot, isn't it?
"Program gives students GPS devices to help stop truancy
In Texas, some students who excessively skip school are being strapped with GPS devices. It's part of a controversial program called AIM, Attendance Improvement Management. The GPS device is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse and is kept with the student at all times. Students punch the device four to five times a day: one time on the bus, at school lunch, one off the bus and one at curfew. The AIM program is paid for by federal money recovered from student attendance funds."

"Program gives students GPS devices ..." like this was a happy, fun-filled birthday present instead of a device that amounts to a court-ordered (read mandated or "wear it or else") ankle bracelet.

I'd also love to know how well this works. These teenagers have already proven they can't be expected to keep current on anything so why are we setting them up to fail at this? What if they don't press the button at the appropriate time or do it too late? (As if teeenagers don't forget things). This should have been an automatic thing that the kid just wears under a sock or something.

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