Thursday, August 5, 2010

College ROI from InSty

Glenn Reynolds says the Higher Ed Bubble is about to Burst. Nah. It already burst. Some stupid people didn't get the message yet, but that's just the left end of the curve.

Not everyone should go to college. Some people aren't ready, others aren't appropriately placed there. Partying for four years is cheaper if you leave out the tuition, room and board and simply get an apartment and leave the door unlocked. Better to join the military and get the stupid out. You'll be prepared after your six.

Half of the college degrees are crap. If your degree is in Religious and Women's Studies, I don't know why you're going to college instead of starting a church in Provincetown.

If you need to borrow $100,000 to get it, then you'd better get a degree that will help you pay that off, eh? $40,000 per year or more should get you into an MBA or engineering or something lucrative. Unless you're rich to start with?

Bubble bursting? Only for those who dreamed of pink ponies, rainbow unicorns and cotton candy worlds.

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