Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Single Funniest Lede in History

Right from the front page of the Rutland Herald (VT) ...
When David Belock's car went missing, he told state police he suspected the men who delivered cocaine to his house on a weekly basis may have been responsible.
But wait, it gets better. How? Well, a man was found driving it. (There was also a passenger from Brooklyn) The driver claimed he didn't know the man in the other seat nor where the car had come from, but
When he arrived at his home, he found the man from Brooklyn in his house and the car parked in his driveway. He decided to go to the store and noticed the keys were in the ignition so he decided to take the car to the Grand Union supermarket.
And, all this time, I thought the New York Post made this kind of stuff up.
(story by Brent Curtis, Rutland Herald)

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  1. One of the things we have in Houston is when we get a guy driving a stolen car generally we can't charge then with auto theft but Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. We usually get the story “I got this from my buddy...his name is Juan...I don't know his last name...he lives down the street...” We can't prove anything he is saying is false but we know he's lying thru his teeth. So we charge him with UUMV.

    So no the truth doesn't have to be made up!