Saturday, December 11, 2010

Looking for the Education

We're below average on test scores.
U.S. students are below average in math skills, according to PISA, while Asian countries excel.
So somebody decided to look at why. Family attitude seems to be the key: working your butt off and getting extra help seems to be the key to doing better on the test.
source: Just as the latest international testing data once again highlight the relatively poor performance of U.S. students in math, a new report has come out to further explore why the United States may be struggling, with a focus on the math attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of parents, and their children's out-of-school activities. Among the key findings: Parents in Singapore are far more likely than those in the United States and England to engage a math tutor to help their child, they're more likely to get assistance from teachers and others in how to help their child, and their children more often take part in math competitions and math/science camps.
I'm okay with that.  If you want to do better on something, you practice it. If you want to test better, you need to practice on the test.

Just don't call it an education.

Call it "Education Hero."

Just as Guitar Hero ruins the ability to play an actual guitar, Education Hero shouldn't be used on actual students.

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