Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't text and walk.

5 minutes of my life - gone. But it was funny.

She was texting and walking, then tripped into a fountain. Splash. (You can see her there in the still, just about to fall in the water.) She instantly gets up and climbs out of the fountain, nothing hurt but her pride. "I fell in the fountain. I was so drenched."

Mall security didn't rush out to help her. She called them the next day "I'm a mall employee. I don't want my employer to know."

The story would have ended there but the surveillance video, as all video eventually does if it's embarassing or funny somehow, wound up on YouTube. (There's a lesson there, kiddies.) "I admit. It was funny, but (whiny sniffle) nobody took my feelings into consideration. Nobody called. Nobody went to my aid. It could have been anyone's mother." .... yeah, but it wasn't and she got up so fast that I'm not sure how anyone COULD have gotten to her before she took off. Naturally, she feels wronged and the lawyer smells deep pockets. A lawsuit is born.

Lawyer wants to hold all responsible parties accountable, demand an apology, hold persons responsible for making the video public, blah, blah, blah. Aaaaaah, who gives a damn .... she walked into the fountain!

But there is a message here. Swimmer girl's lesson: "Do not text and walk. Especially to the younger generation. The fountain could have been empty. I could have been hit by a bus. I could have been hit by a car. (sniffle)"

Ain't that freakin' awesome? "I coulda been hit by a bus."  How? YOU WERE IN THE FREAKIN' MALL!

Let me think how this could have been avoided.

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