Saturday, October 15, 2011

Circle of Failure

The other day I was in a 504/IEP meeting and a kid was being considered for alternative programs.  The tech center guy was sitting across the table and was discussing the kid's options.

"Well, the Hospitality Program would be a good fit."
"She doesn't want to put in any effort. What would be her options after that?"
"Well, she could work with the elementary school kids.  She really likes kids."

What I wanted to say was "This girl has failed at every possible program we can think of. She is lazy, and spoiled, and even her mother can't bribe her to do well.  She hates math and barely tolerates English and Social Studies. She couldn't care less about academics of any kind.  ... Why would you put her with a bunch of impressionable elementary kids?  How can that possibly work out well?"

Fortunately, I didn't have to say that, but at some point you need to put the majority's needs ahead of the reclamation project.


  1. I have a student whose IEP essentially says he's guaranteed a C. *Who* is guaranteed any grade? And why would anyone work if they are guaranteed at least a C?