Friday, July 6, 2012

Erin Andrews moves to FOX. So What?

Erin Andrews, ESPN
"Erin Andrews Moves On From ESPN To FOX Sports" the headline yelled.
Sometimes, it's time to move on. For Erin Andrews, that was the case. After eight years in the fishbowl that is ESPN, the Lewiston, Maine-born Andrews finished up her contract at the Worldwide Leader last weekend, and was immediately brought on at FOX Sports, which jubilantly announced her hiring in a gushing press release.
What an amazingly dumb thing to say.  If she thinks ESPN is a "fishbowl", where everyone is looking at her, then what does she expect at FOX? At least ESPN only sorta sold the titillating aspect of what is Erin Andrews.  I think FOX is going to market the hell out of her body and her looks but downplay the sports knowledge. She might be as knowledgeable as Suzy Colber and Rachel Nichols but FOX is gonna make this woman into a spectacle.

Poster girl for Title 9¾

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