Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get Rid of As Bs Cs?

As a point of reference, for those who want to remove the "traditional" A-F scale and replace it with something more rubric based, you're not being particularly new or original. Changing a grade from "A" to "Proficient with Distinction" doesn't actually provide any more or less information - it's still a distillation of mounds of data down to a single indicator, with interpretation and fiddling for those students the teacher doesn't want to be truthful to. "F" means "Fair" or "C" means "Average" or "2" means "Didn't quite meet the standard" -- what's the difference, really?

I got this nugget from Black River Union High School, in southern Vermont:


  1. I always thought they should have included an "E" in with the A,B,C,D,F system. "E" would stand for "execrable".

  2. Freeskier... speaking as a parent (even though I am a 3rd generation teacher, with 12+ yrs of contracted experience in 2 states), of course.

    My mother-in-law stated a thought which eloquently summarizes this post....

    "Why do Government schools try so hard to outsmart families?"

    Grades are grades, after all.