Saturday, February 9, 2013

1:1 Tech - How Do you Kindle?

We're going to Chromebooks for next year.

1. Anyone who has done this already ... how do you Kindle? We'd like to get some fiction, purchased by the library, available to students. There are some students who absolutely cannot afford anything (living in a house with dirt floors ... in Vermont, 2013.  Yeah, I know)  so the Chromebook can't be tied to a credit card or anything like that.

1b. Similarly, we don't want the school's account to be available to the student.

2. We'd also like to have public domain novels, writings, and textbooks readable on a good reader.

How do you manage this?  What have you found useful, easy enough to implement, secure?

Okay, maybe I'm not getting how this works since I don't have a Chromebook yet.  Bill's comment addresses point number 2.  My bigger question is "How do you deal with a school-owned device needing a personal Kindle account?"


  1. One resource is Project Gutenburg

    Also libraries often have eBooks available to "loan" to patron's accounts. Check your local and state levels for what's available.

  2. you can start by looking at whispercast, it's a way to control kindles and kindle programs remotly through a teacher's computer.