Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Education News is having trouble with numbers.

Education News ran this story:
The promise of technology in education has not been fulfilled — at least not in schools like Seminole Ridge High School, according to The Palm Beach Post. When the school spent millions to equip its labs with 25,000 new computers, little did the administrators or students expect that most of that machine time was going to be taken up by nothing else but testing.
Yeah, I get it. Evil testing. Bad, bad, bad. Using up computer time and such.

But then I noticed "25,000" and I wondered because that's a damn big number for a school.  I wondered if that was the entire district but that doesn't seem to be the case - the high school is specifically named several times. I googled it and found it had 2478 students.

Tell me again why I should trust their numbers?

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