Tuesday, June 25, 2013

School is still a valuable word, at least for Marketers.

I know that schools and teachers have been taking a bit of a bashing at the moment but I also think that, deep down, the people of this nation still fundamentally trust teachers and schools.

It's a small thing, but look at how this ad over the years plays to that, evoking "School Model" as if it were the epitome of rock-solid, good old American values:

2002 2003 2006
2007 2009 2009

Some "haters" are probably saying that this is hardly evidence ... I disagree. Marketers tend to take the tack that works. For this to still be used shows that they are making money off it. It came to my local mall this morning, and yes, I know that it's kind of a scam because they're trying to upsell you on the Teacher's version for $199 and the other model for $299.

But why do people respond to it?

"School Model."

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  1. In this case, for the same reason people respond to the Samsonite ad that features a gorilla. :)