Friday, September 8, 2017

The Students You Have

Periodically, one hears the clarion call:
"Raise Your Standards and the Students will Rise to meet them!"


To paraphrase Dick Cheney:
"You teach the kids you have, not the kids you wish you had."

(Dammit. The history teacher reminded me that it was Rumsfeld.)


  1. reminds me of "parents are sending you their best children."

  2. Yeah, that's really working here in Ohio--NOT!

  3. There's a grain of truth in the "raise your standards" admonition. But that's true only within the realm of what's possible given the students' previous level of learning and their motivation. And it's true only for teachers who don't already have high standards. It's actually insulting to teachers to imply that they don't care how much their students learn.