Monday, August 25, 2008*4

I just can't help it. The buzz of the year is Technology and "Teaching to the 21st Century Student" and "Digital Natives" and "Be a Guide-on-the-Side".

Apparently, we don't understand tech enough and we need to do more. That seems to be true for some of the lamest people on earth. I mean, of course, our elementary school teachers and paraeducators. I sat at a table with several today. After they spoke wondrously of the "Guide on the side" teaching style and how their 4th graders would be determining the curriculum this year, I wonder why the teachers aren't teaching. "You can be guides, but you also have to teach. You have to teach some basics, like the meaning of words or the times tables such as 3*4." With an absolutely straight face, our intrepid teacher said that kids could "look up that problem on Google. You know that Google will answer that question. Kids should be taught to look it up." She was so smug, thinking she had put one over on me. The six others at the table all nodded in agreement.

Thinking back on it, though, I agree with her. If a teacher says this, she should be completely ignored at all times. If a student has a question, he should look it up. This teacher's a flaming idiot.

Those who can, do; those who can't, teach. I hate it, but it seems so appropriate too often.

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