Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scoring a Paycheck.

The NYT: Mixed Results on Paying City Students to Pass Tests
Offered up to $1,000 for scoring well on Advanced Placement exams, students at 31 New York City high schools took 345 more of the tests this year than last. But the number who passed declined slightly, raising questions about the effectiveness of increasingly popular pay-for-performance programs in schools here and across the country.
They're giving out $1000 bucks to anyone who works hard all year and learns a great deal of material, separating himself from the crowd. Seems kinda cheap-assed to me. This is New York! Make it $10,000 per passing score and really make a statement. Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter don't do this well at what they do and they get paid in the millions per annum.

Of course, this is going to mess with their motivation until they can reset their internal justifications. "How much if I get into college? If I graduate college?" Sorry, kiddo, the money flow is in the other direction until you get a job.

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