Saturday, October 4, 2008

3 days for un-tucked shirt?

From KPHO in Phoenix, AZ comes this heartwarming tale of no-nonsense school administrators living up to their stereotypes:

A 12-year-old girl who didn't tuck in her shirt was suspended from an Albuquerque middle school, KOAT-TV reported. Judy Benavidez said her daughter, Natalia, is a good student and not a troublemaker. But Natalia is on a three-day suspension from Harrison Middle School because her shirt was untucked.

A school district spokesman said a special announcement was made this year that students could be suspended for dress code violations.

Hey, they made an announcement. They warned the kids. What did the kids expect? This is willful disrespect for the rules.

Of course, a 3-day suspension is a stupid administrative over-reaction, but I'm being redundant.

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