Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Testing, testing ...

So the principal doesn't apparently trust the faculty to proctor the state NCLB testing. So we're dutifully teaching our classes and Principal PJs takes them kids off to be tested. We find out later that he packed them too many to a table unnecessarily (there was plenty of room but the kids crowded together - no surprise), left the room unattended while he chatted on a cell phone and wandered to a bathroom, and the students had a food fight with the motivational bagels and juice!

So today an English teacher was designated at the last minute to help him stand watch. (Tomorrow, it's a math teacher.) Apparently today was much calmer.

Any bets on how long this goes until TSHTF**? Until someone reports to the Supt? Oops, too late. Superintendent already knows. State will be notified. It's flying.

** "The solidified fecal material makes contact with the gaseous propulsion device."

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