Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The science teacher caught two students cheating - they had photocopied part of the lab report. She going to try and give them a zero for part of the lab.

I'm waiting to see how quickly she gets called in to defend her decision. "Did you write it in the syllabus?' "Is it spelled out exactly what would happen?" "Did you give them a zero fairly?" "Did anyone else get a zero for cheating?" "When?" "Do you have complete evidence that they cheated?" "You need to make three copies of the lab report notebook and the syllabus and the paragraph where you explicitly stated the number of points you would dock the student ..." "They claim they were allowed to copy the graph. Why did you consider that cheating?" "Their parents want to discuss this with you. Let's meet and talk about it after school next week." "Can we talk about an alternative punishment because the transcripts are going out to colleges and this is going to affect their ability to get financial aid and might keep them from attending the college they've dreamed of going to." "Joe will not be able to participate in the basketball tournament because of this and we need him on the court."

Makes you want to reconsider sometimes.

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