Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Online Courses Leave much to be Desired

Just a quick one for now. I ran into a student who is homeschooled and is taking online courses.

"I finished my English class today."

"Oh, that's nice. How did you think the course went? Easy, hard, fun, what?"

"Pretty easy. I started this morning at about nine or so and finished it around noon and went for a walk."

"Finished the first section?"

"Nope. Finished the whole course."

I assume someone can tell me why this strikes me as odd? Is it just me? Or are the online courses rather simplistic and easy to get credit in?

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  1. Hmm. Our boys are taking online classes as well, but ... there's more work than that, and there's a defined schedule. Oldest one is working on a research paper right now and is having to work at it. He missed the deadline and will lose some points because of it. Obviously, not all online courses are created equal!