Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Habits of Highly Ineffective Principals - Blame

Blame the teacher. When things can't be blamed on anyone in particular, make the "fault" known to all as a call for improvement. When things go right, credit the school and your leadership.

For example, poor scores on math tests are obviously something the math department needs to focus on improving. Require that they write action plans, goals, and new departmental missions statements. Have them come up with ways to improve their teaching to raise students' scores (Put these into files as evaluation comments: Teacher's homework policy is ineffective.) Ask "What can you do to make learning more fun for the students" or other questions that move the school in exactly the wrong direction.

Of course, good scores the next year are proof that the new school environment is beneficial and that the Principal is doing a good job. Announce to the papers, parents, and media that "We are back on Track."

Also known as The Sharpshooter's Rule.
"When I miss, it's because the gun sights are wrong or it's a bad load of ammo. When I hit the Bull's-eye, it's because I am a sharpshooter."

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