Sunday, October 25, 2009

Habits of Highly Ineffective Principals - goals

Make all teachers go through the motions of "setting goals." Don't use an Word Document but rather print out lots of copies of the blank form and insist that teachers hand-write their goals (how this makes the process more valuable, no one knows). You must also require that teachers find the specific standards and domains which apply. (Such as "3c: Instructional materials and resources" and "4e: Service to the profession") Then set up meetings to discuss and "sign-off" on those goals, taking up prep-time. of course. Then store them carefully away, to be seen only once again at the end-of-year goals review process.

Don't actually go to any effort to help teachers achieve those goals, or try to understand why writing those goals down is important (h/t: PissedOff teacher) but make sure the paperwork happen.


  1. My husband, a software engineer, deals with this too, as part of his annual performance review.

  2. Just wait for the Halloween post - that he'll recognize, too.