Monday, March 29, 2010

Humor for History Teachers

Reality Bites, And So Do Customers
Historical Site | Delaware, OH, USA
(I work at a historical site of the civil war, dressing and acting as if we were still in that time period)

Tourist: “Is that fire real?”
Me: “Yes.”
Tourist: “Is the water you’re drinking real?”
Me: “Yes.”
Tourist: “Are your clothes real?”
Me: “Yes.”
Tourist: “Are you real?”
Me: “Yes.”
Tourist: “This place isn’t very interesting.”

Stupid Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg
Museum | Connecticut, USA
(I work as an artifacts specialist at an exhibit featuring artifacts from the Titanic wreck. We also have a large “iceberg” to show people how cold the water was the night the ship sank.)

Customer: “So is this the actual iceberg that sank the Titanic?”
Me: “No, it’s just a frosted piece of plastic to show how cold the water was.”
Customer: “So where in this place is the actual iceberg that sunk the Titanic?”

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