Sunday, March 21, 2010

Those pesky nongraduating basketball players

I'm sure you've all read that Arne Duncan wants to prevent schools from joining the NCAA Basketball tournament if they don't graduate enough of their players.

I had a long rant thing going about data selection and narrow-minded politicians, coupled with a healthy dose of "Why hold black players to different standards than black non-players" and "What would you do about the players who don't want to graduate from college. What if they really want to be in the NBA but the NBA won't allow them to join, which has to be discrimination of some kind because white and Asian tennis players and golfers join their professional leagues at 16 and no one says a word."

But I decided that I'd just show these two graphs and ask Arne to explain the obvious problems:

Statewide College Graduation Rates from IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey

Humm, those seem to be aligning with red-state, blue-state demographics, too. Is that the real goal here? Or is Arne just a DUKE / Vermont fan like me? He wants to see all their competition eliminated by fiat instead of by a last-second three? You think Murray State, Northern Iowa and St. Mary's wanted anything less than the best competition, Arne? Get out of the way, Dude. Your mouth and that hole-in-the ground are getting confused again.

Yes, thank you, my bracket is getting CREAMED!
ESPN: 340 points * PCT(%)42.0% * RNK 2,773,415

Monday Morning Update:
ESPN: 380 points * PCT(%)55.4% * RNK 2,132,140

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