Sunday, September 26, 2010

It Isn't What We Don't Know ...

that's a problem, it's what we do know that isn't so.

From a Letter to the Editor, but it could have been taken from any article or column. It always amuses me how people can say one thing true and then leap to the assumption that the next thing out of their mouths must also be true.
"[NYTimes article] reports on research that concluded that moving from one room to another will improve learning and retention. Who didn't know this already?"
Following the research is key. Assuming the next thing out of your brain is the basis for that research and the reason for its truth -- ain't necessarily so.
"The problem with sitting in one place for a long time is boredom. Why do you think kids get so bored sitting in classrooms? Our entire educational model is antithetical to learning."
Pretty amazing, huh?

Our educational model is antithetic to learning because the kids sit in a classroom and some get bored. Okaaaay.
"It isn't education if it isn't FUN!"
"It's factory model education. We need malls."
"Drill and Kill."
"Google will answer any question you have."
"Waiting for Superman" is a great movie.

I am so glad my own kids are done. They got good public school educations because both of us are teachers and we made sure that none of this reform nonsense applied to them.

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