Monday, August 22, 2011

Going over to the snark side.

I have a dark side. I can't help but make fun of those unfortunate education professors and trainers who can't seem to get math right. My Google reader even has a section called "math morons" loaded with idiots of the EduProf persuasion.

Here's today's entry, which, on the face of it, might be a clever way to review until you realize how crappy this shirt is.

"Using T-shirts To Teach Math Properties by Jeremiah Dyke (Be sure to ask your local stores for donations)"
Now look at the picture a little more closely ....

"Communative?" Is that a word?  "Order of # doesn't matter." Really? Are there any restrictions you want to place on that? "Associative - Grouping doesn't matter."  Shudder. Only in specific situations. "Distributive - Use the even to each."  What does this even mean?

I don't wonder why our new teachers suck at math. I wonder why they pay him to instruct them.

"Throw away your textbook," the man says.


  1. I'll be teaching potential math teachers in a School of Ed starting tomorrow, but I must say I agree with you on this activity. The only effective way I can think of to use this shirt is as a threat to kids who think dressing funny is worse than learning math.

  2. To laugh, or to cry? That is the question.