Monday, August 29, 2011

No school today ... flooding.

Usually when Vermont gets 7" of precipitation, we just laugh it off and just drive through the white puffy snow. Not so much today.  Probably not tomorrow, either.  No telling how how this will be here.  This road WAS under construction, now it's under 6-8 feet of water.  Probably washed out in places, too.


This corn is 7-9 feet tall.

The road to Mrs. C's school is blocked, too.  The lower floor of that building might be flooded, but the entire town is completely blocked. Every entrance is underwater or undermined and dangerous.

Pumpkins float.

Ex-student crossing the valley to check on his kids and his home.

Roads are flooded or cut, but everyone took the precautions necessary and stocked up on food and water.  Power and internet is still on for almost everyone around here. The crop damage will be huge. Road damage will use up these small town budgets. Hopefully those buildings which sustained damage had insurance. On the flip side, everyone seems okay.

Route 4 in Mendon is no longer usable:

The School called - Closed indefinitely. Maybe we'll open by Sept 6th.  Or not.

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  1. Glad the people are safe. The rest will get dealt with.