Sunday, November 27, 2011

Algebra 2 for All

When all adults in California can understand and complete an algebra II course, then it makes sense that all high school students should be able to.
Otherwise ...

It's not that these California math teachers had the stones to sign, it's that more of us don't feel we can.

Maybe this is why tenure is so necessary?


  1. Of course, you could probably say the same thing about most every high school class, no?

  2. Every high school class isn't a graduation requirement.

    Let's exaggerate by two courses. Suppose that CA really push their standards up there - make calculus a requirement for graduation. All those who can't do it, drop out.

    Silly, huh?

    Okay, how about Pre-Calculus? Trig/Prob/Stats? Algebra II?

    Where's the minimum for ALL students? Way below the minimum for STEM-bound college students.

  3. Well, I guess my point was that pretty-much all of high school is optional if the standard is what all adults know (or need to know). You should be able to read and do arithmetic before high-school, I think. Are there any other things that one really must know in order to be an adult?