Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grade Inflation in College? I'm Shocked!

Who would have thought?
Go to this web site and search the course roster at the University of Wisconsin and find out what grades were given each semester for the last several years.

I wandered the Fall 2010-2011 Grades
Intermediate Organic Chemistry: 2.8
Evolving Universe (in the Astronomy Department): 2.9
Freshman Composition: 3.7
Curriculum and Instruction (EDU) had a department average of 3.927
Engineering: 2.902
Thermodynamics: 2.818

You get the knowledge you work for.  The grade hardly matters anymore.

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  1. Does it matter? Who are the grades for? Nobody other than grad schools give a crap about someone's grades in college, and they know what's going on.