Friday, January 13, 2012

#AnyQs - Chocolate cake mix

I also like the last visible comment:
"The batter may look curdled; that's OK, it will bake up fine."

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  1. One of the secrets of batters is that they do not like being beaten into a silky slurry.

    Prove it. Make two batches of pancake batter (what ever recipe you like as long as you start with a dry powder*}. Stir one with a spoon until it looks like most of the lumps have been wetted. Beat the other with a mixer or balloon whisk until it is a silky slurry.

    Cook however you please, but do both the same way.


    *"Bisquick", "Aunt Jemima", "Krusteaze, or 1 cup unbleached general purpose flour, tsp soda, tsp baking powder, TBS olive oil, cup of milk.