Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Film Alphabet "Puzzles"

From Steven Wildish's Friday Project: Film Alphabets.

There was no math warmup problem today. I put the 1990s up as the windows wallpaper and then turned on the SmartBoard. They were fascinated. It seemed a hit so I printed them out from the folder - in Windows, you can print some of the contents of a folder and it will automatically scale them to full-page -- and lined them up on the wall outside my door. Teachers thought it was a hoot. The person with the most solutions? The science teacher across the hall. The second best? A senior with a Netflix connection.

Feel free to put in some answers in the comments. The artist's website is cool too, but there are only solutions for the 80s and 90s up so far.

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  1. 1990s:

    A - Austin Powers (Meyers)
    E - Edward Scissorhands (Dep)
    F - Hunter Thompson (Fear and Loathing etc)
    N - Eddie Murphy vehicle
    M - Jones, Smith - Men in Black

    (here's a trivia question - who appeared in both MiB and Full Metal JAcket?)

    P - Travolta/Vega and Jackson - Pulp Fiction
    U - ensemble cast - Reservoir Dogs
    W - Myers in Wayne's World


    C - Eddie Murphy - Coming to America
    D - Swazye and Grey - Dirty Dancing
    I - Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
    J - Michael Jackson (?)
    K - youngster - Karate Kid
    R - Rambo - Sly
    S - war machine - Empire Strikes Back (I suppose "s" mens Star wArs)
    T - looks like ape from Planet of the Ape (? - should be 60's)
    Z - Woody Allen - Auteur - Zelig

    G - Dr. Whatshisface - Back to the Future


    E - Bruce Lee
    F - Fiddler on da Roof
    G - Dirty Harry (Eastwood of course)
    N - Belushi as Bluto - Animal House "togaa! toggaaa!"
    O - Nicholson
    S - Roundtree as Shaft
    T - Yul Brenner - bad ass android - Westworld

    A - Peter Sellers (in Lolita)
    B - Jane Fonda
    D - Sellers as Dr. Strangelove
    E - Hopper - Easy Rider
    F - Eastwood - Good/Bad/Ugly ("blondie" per Eli Wallach) - ok "F" - Fistfulof Dollars
    G - The Graduate - Hoffman, Mrs. Robinson's leg
    H - looks like Fiddler on the Roof (again?)
    J - Ben Hur (Heston)
    N - Lewis - Nutty Professor
    L - young object of desire - Lolita
    O - Racquel - 1,000,000 years B.C.
    M - Julie Andrews - Mary Poppins
    P - Planet of the Apes
    R - Perkins - Psycho (?)
    S - Julie Andrews - Sound of Music
    T - Villian from a Bond Film - Thunderball
    U - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (? wrong decade?)
    V - Elvis - could be a lot of those quick and dirty vehicles
    W - Nazis
    Y - another Bond Villian - later parodied as "Dr. Evil" (in Austin Powers) - You Only Live Twice (OK looked this one up)
    Z - O'Toole - Lawrence of Arabia