Sunday, February 26, 2012

History Channel Isn't Much

It's not as if no one ever noticed this before, but I really wish that History Channel would stop with the reality shows junk. I don't want them to go back to WWII all the time, but come on, there's no history on during Prime Time on History.

Can't we have a "Vicarious Jobs Channel"?

Sunday 2/26
8/7c Ax Men: Fists of Fury
9/8c Ax Men: Wake-up Call
10/9c Full Metal Jousting: Death Sticks & a Coffin
11/10c Top Gear: Muscle Cars
Monday 2/27
8/7c Pawn Stars: Guns Blazing
8:30/7:30c Pawn Stars: Pawnocchio
9/8c American Pickers: Knuckleheads
10/9c Pawn Stars: James Gang Rides Again
10:30/9:30c Pawn Stars: Ring around a Rockne
11/10c American Pickers: Odd Fellas
Tuesday 2/28
8/7c Pawn Stars: Weird Science
8:30/7:30c Pawn Stars: Learning the Ropes
9/8c Top Gear: Dangerous Cars
10/9c Top Shot: Shotgun Showdown
11/10c Top Shot: Shotgun Showdown
Wednesday 2/29
8/7c American Restoration: Keep on Trucking
8:30/7:30c American Restoration: Tyler's Promotion
9/8c Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy: America After Dark
10/9c American Restoration: Cold War Crusin'
10:30/9:30c American Restoration: Close Shave
11/10c Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy: Larry's Favorite Stuff
Thursday 3/1
8/7c Swamp People: Divide to Conquer
9/8c Swamp People: Monster Marsh
10/9c Mudcats: Boiling Point
11/10c 10 Things Yyou Didn't Know About: Abraham Lincoln
11:30/10:30c 10 Things Yyou Didn't Know About: Benjamin Franklin
Friday 3/2
8/7c American Pickers: Knuckleheads
9/8c 101 Gadgets That Changed The World
11/10c Mudcats: Boiling Point
Saturday 3/3
8/7c Full Metal Jousting: The Ultimate Extreme Sport
9/8c Full Metal Jousting: Unhorsed
10/9c Full Metal Jousting: Death Sticks & a Coffin
11/10c Modern Marvels: World's Sharpest

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  1. Yes, except for American Pickers, it seems to be All Redneck, All The Time. Too much testosterone!