Saturday, September 6, 2008

Open House - Fun for the whole family ones who show up.

Had an open house last Wednesday. Funny to watch if you're not personally invested.

No organization, not enough food for the barbeque and the grill wasn't started until after the event began so we're all waiting around staring at it, couldn't get into the box to turn on the lights so everyone ate in the dark, schedule was disorganized and was changed anyway halfway through, many teachers weren't there (coaches, other commitments, etc.) so their rooms were dark. The funniest was the attempt at an assembly - it took more time to congregate than to listen to all the speeches. (just one, actually.)

Principal Pajamas (too casual to call him Suit) was bustling about, useless. His 50 second speech to the parents ended before people really started listening. You could see them all hesitate wondering whether to clap. Then they were sent off to wander the building. Everyone is thinking "I walked in here and just sat down. Couldn't someone at least make noise for a few minutes to justify the effort? Maybe ask for donations to the "Friends of Music" or the Booster Club or something?

The teachers who usually take care of certain tasks weren't there, yet no one thought to mention that fact to the rest of us so others could fill in. We're fidgeting in our classrooms because AP told us to be there instead of mingling and making things happen. (It's called communication, guys.)

They got the wrong kind of soda - too much sugarcrap and not enough Diet Pepsi and water - what kind of parent drinks Mountain Dew? Didn't anyone think about the audience they were trying to reach?

On the plus side, parents were great. The barbeque was worth it in the final analysis - real food brings them in and the goodwill is cheap at the price. I recommend it to any school: borrow an eight-foot outdoor gas grill from whoever runs big events in town and buy a couple hundred bucks of hamburger, veggie burger and dogs. Grill and serve. Don't forget the really cheap bottled water. Parents can't bitch as well while they're eating - for some it's a matter of manners and the others mumble and you can pretend to not have heard them clearly.

Charge it to the Principal's Discretionary Fund. You know you have one.


  1. I loved it--Principal PJ's! What a great name! it says it all!

  2. It's really a hoot on some days ... Principal PJs in (and this is no S&^%) blue jeans, a white t-shirt sort of thing with a red fleece vest.

    The piece de la resistance is the sandals with white socks combination.

    The rest of the adults in the building are doing the khakis, shirt and tie or khakis and dress shirt and here comes the Principal. He doesn't even match up with the general population of the town.

    Funniest damn thing you ever saw.