Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Bizarro World.

Crisis committee meets to discuss the crisis plan. Fire drills come up. Currently, we all walk out of the building out random exits and everyone collects on the athletic field. The students mingle, the faculty wander. (It's truly bizarre - unlike any other school I've ever seen - but I'm new here and I shut up) The students are usually called back in before everyone is even at the field, encouraging the stragglers because they get in before the mass crush.

I suggest that perhaps we should line up our classes and make sure all are present, that none stayed in the building. Give each teacher a place and have the children organized and accounted for.

Principal PJs nixes that. "Too much structure. Too many places for things to break down. What about the sub who doesn't know where to go?"

I point to the books on the shelves of the library where we sit. "It's easy to see the missing book when all is lined up. If you put plastic numbers on the fence, it'll be easy. Or line up by class along the road."

"Too much organization."


Did I mention that we're talking about a fire drill here? Why else have a "Drill" if not to learn what to do when all the screaming starts? I don't need to march them with a drill sargeant's cadence ringing their ears, but P6 is always appropriate. Except for Principal PJs, I guess.

Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance -- except here.

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