Saturday, January 10, 2009

Russo is Wrong.

Alexander Russo said
Picture 4 watch the Daily Show's Jon Stewart hilarious critique of the mainstream press for its wall-to-wall coverage of the first days of school for the Obama girls (including coverage of the school lunch menus and the fashions that the girls are wearing). They're not integrating Sidwell Friends, Stewart notes.  Via Jezebel.
What's my excuse for covering the girls? This is a blog about schools and politics. And I don't think that the President's decision to send his daughters to private school is off limits or not relevant.

No. You think wrong. The President's decision to send his daughters to private school is his and his alone. It should be off limits and it is definitely NOT relevant to anything.

The news media should back off. The lunch menu stories and the fashion sense stories need to stop. It's stupid.

As for the decision. The President should definitely NOT send his kids to public school in DC for every reason you can think of, but primarily because those schools stink.

His daughters need an education NOW, not ten years from now when the President's decisions and policies could possibly have an effect on the schools. They are not political pawns and you should not be using them as such.

I ask those who feel they should be able to tell the President to send his daughters to Public School: Who are you to make this decision for him? If you feel that he should do as his neighbors do, are you telling the President to take a commuter bus through the city because his neighbors do? Give up Air Force One because his neighbors couldn't afford it? Drive around in a beatup Honda Civic or move using U-Haul?

Not while he's President.

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