Monday, August 17, 2009

More SmartBored Fun

Okay, now it's on to circles and sectors. I certainly hope that our fearless graphic artists have got their Ps dotted and their Qs crossed, and their Is and Ts minded.

Or whatever.

Drumroll ...

Here it is -- the circle of sevenths. Those seven pieces are supplied separately. I guess no one ever thought anyone would ever think of reconstructing the circle.

I know you can't read those numbers on the compass, so I'll do that.

In order from 0o North: 52o, 102o, 150o, 210o, 258o, 308o, 360o
Low 48o, High 60o

So my questions:
  1. At what point does being accurate matter in this 21st century?
  2. Is right vs wrong being supplanted by "Don't I get partial credit for making seven pieces that are sorta the right size?" I know that my copy of Fireworks can make a line, copy it and then rotate each one 51.40 - why can't these designers do the same?
  3. What happened in this country? We used to be ultra-precise about things. Is all software doomed to be forever "buggy" and "barely out of beta?"
  4. Why is the lack of true understanding on my students' part no longer a surprise to me? And why have I started to be resigned to it?

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