Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome to the Next Rounds of Trivia - with a Twist.

It's a special day on the Curmudgeon's Compound in the woods. We've got Trivia as supplied by SmartBoard. Yes, that's Smart©Board. They've copyrighted it so you'll think they deserve the name.

It's a visual thing:

Use all the information available in the image: the location and size of the islands, the shape, anything that will help you scope out which country is pictured below. Identify this "drawing", direct from the Lesson Activity Toolkit #2.


  1. Island? Did I say "Island?"

    That's not really an island. At least not in real life.

    Maybe that helps?

  2. Actually, that's Greece. Do you recognize the Peloponnesean (sp?) Peninsula there? Oh, right. They drew it as an island.

    Oooops. My bad.


  3. They need a different cartographer.