Saturday, August 15, 2009

Online Schools not Created Equal

Sure, I know the school was set up and the guy answered all the questions and took whatever tests were required, but it's still funny. Reminds me of the time Suave shampoo had a tremendous deal to launch their product in the 1970s - basically the stuff was free after rebate AND you could get a silver dollar per bottle. Limit three per customer. So the three dogs in various incarnations, each member of the family in various middle name permutations all were a "customer". Mary Setté (the irish setter) was the best name, I thought. It must have taken us fifteen years to use all that shampoo. Anyway, the latest incarnation of the "pet fools the company bit":

Cat awarded online high school diploma

I can haz GED!

By Rik Myslewski in San Francisco

A cat belonging to a US and Canada Better Business Bureau exec has been granted a high school diploma. Yes, it's an online high school. According to a report by, the two-year-old feline graduated from Jefferson High School Online (JHSO), an institution so confident in its pedagogical perfection that it offers a money-back guarantee.

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