Monday, January 20, 2014

Yo, IT Department.

Just some notes for any IT personnel who may be reading:
  1. If the accounts at a school aren't consistent -- the account names are different for network log on, powerschool log on, and email -- teachers are not going to be happy. Having mcurmudgeon as my powerschool account, curmudgeonm as my school computer account and as my email is stupid. Do your job - fix that.
  2. Changing the domain three times in one year is stupid. Expecting anyone to be happy when you're changing over all of the Google accounts and all of that stored class information from one domain to another should have happened over the summer, not a month into the year.
  3. Training is not something you can throw together in two minutes. 
  4. It's called a computer lab. Surely you've heard of that?
  5. When conducting software training, it helps if the teachers can be logged in to a computer and can see what you're talking about. Waving your hands dramatically isn't a good way to convey the use of the four level tab and pull down menu structure.
  6. Showing a random video to a roomful of teachers isn't software training.
  7. Making a 100+ character link available on the school webpage works much better than attempting to relate it verbally to the group.
  8. Your job is to make the technology work for the teachers and staff. Period. You have no other purpose.
  9. My job is to teach. It does not include teaching myself how to use all this technology so that I can teach the rest of the faculty because you're an incompetent ass.
Have a nice day.

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