Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Return of the HIPster - Highly Ineffective Principal

HIPster tactic - pass the buck.
The Buck Stops over There.

At issue is a major schedule change involving midterm exams for all-year courses and final exams for block courses, the start of the new semester, the tech center, and other schools in the district that share our buses ... that will go into place NEXT WEEK!

HIP: "I won't make the decision without asking the faculty." Faculty are rather surprised by this - there has been no mention of this idea which originated a couple days ago. As you might imagine, opinions on this are all over the place. Finally, Random Teacher speaks up.
Random Teacher: "Just MAKE the decision, already."
HIP: "Let's see if we get consensus. All in favor?"
Maybe 1/4 of hands go up. Some discussion ensues.
HIP: "Okay, we seem to have a consensus in favor."
Random Teacher: "Wait, you never actually asked the others and most people are against it."
HIP: "All those in favor?" Again, the one-fourth.
HIP: "All those against?" Maybe one-fifth.
Random Teacher: "So just make the decision."
HIP: "I'll talk it over with the other principal and get back to you all in the morning."


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