Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm tired of Twitter and Mindless Slogans.

For me, the basic problem with Twitter is the all-too-common resort to pithy statements that fit the character count but don't make for a coherent conversation.  I don't really care what's been said about the Seattle-San Francisco game; that's not important enough that sound-bites and sloganeering detracts from the conversation.

I'm talking about education reform ... and that is a big problem when discussed on Twitter. Changes to standards-based grading is a big discussion currently, as is standardized testing. These broadsides are fired without really discussing nuance, and for me, nuance is necessary.
Here's the thing ... that's not an argument. It's a statement unbounded by fact or reason.

There are plenty of situations in which standardized tests are important, mostly in those situations where you have a need to compare against a national standard such as SAT, ACT, AP, IB, A-levels, GRE, Bar Exam, Civil Service, Driver's License,

DMartin agreed with my sarcastic comment to eliminate all of the above testing with "Yeah all mc parts. I agree!! Great idea!!"

So now we've gone from being anti-testing to being anti-MC, as if MC is somehow flawed.  Again. I have to ask, what leads anyone to think that MC can never be useful?

Why is this such a necessary part of my online life?  (The answer: it isn't.) What part of reasoned and thoughtful commentary includes these random unproven factoids and false dichotomies?

I'll leave with another ...
No cell phones in class b/c they cause distractions well let's remove pencils they cause spelling mistakes 
Instead of Mindless Dichotomy, how about just removing or eliminating the distraction part of the cellphone?

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