Saturday, April 4, 2009

700 yard par 3

700-yard par three!

In a South African golf course, the 19th hole is a bit unusual - it's 310 yards horizontally and 640 yards vertically - call it 700 yards - and a par-3. The green is shaped like Africa and is surrounded by a sand bunker. The tee is at the top of a cliff. Used primarily for playoffs and milking the rich, it's pretty spectacular.

You ride a helicopter to the tee and they post spotters around the green - you can't possibly see the ball hit or miss the green.

Do not press play if heights are a problem for you. The comments are pretty funny, too. Everyone's complaining about the tremendous waste of resources to fly you up to the top of the cliff. I guess the private jet from New York to South Africa to play golf is okay, but a quarter-mile helicopter ride is destroying life as we know it.

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